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I hate when people say ‘I was excited/honoured/*insert adjective here*’ to have been asked to’ do *insert task here* as it sounds so TRITE but I was excited to be invited onto the Thirsty Bitch podcast by my friends Aamyko and Keyth David. I knew it’d be fucking fun. I’ve worked with the Thirsty Bitch duo on-and-off for a few years now, and we always have fun. I wouldn’t exactly call it “work”. These are my gyals.

As a ‘Sexpert’ (whatever that means), I was asked to be the guest on the THIRSTY BITCH podcast’s Valentines Day special. As Chi Chi La Rue proclaimed “…and the subject is SEX! What else?!”… Of course! Sex is my subject.

In the show, I recommend by ‘Top 5’ sex toys for LOVING YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day 2019. Marketers LOVE couples at this time of year, so let’s focus on those of us who perhaps are single… or just want to cum like a pig. PLUS, I have a live demonstration of my ‘Number 1 toy’ by my friend, Porn Star, and XXX Live Show Star, James Bennett.

The show is broken down into the following segments:

  • Who am I? | I talk about my background and intro to the XXX industry.
  • My Top 5 Sex Toys | Walking you through what I personally recommend.
  • James Bennett | Porn Star uses my #1 Toy “live” on air.
  • Questions | I answer questions submitted from people in gay clubs in the UK.
  • ThirstyBitch WhatsApp | I answer questions submitted to the TB phone number.
  • COMPETITION | Competition to win £1,300+ of sex toys.

I reached out to my friends in the industry to sort out a VERY special prize for one lucky listener. And we’re talking BIG. One lucky listener will win £1300 worth of sex toys. Brands within the sex toy industry donated lots of amazing toys, and one brand, Bathmate, donated £350 worth of toys alone.

Bathmate is the world’s best penis pump for a reason, selling over 1 million pumps in 120 countries worldwide. Built for real performance and power, Bathmate penis pumps harness the power of water instead of air to create pressure – completely cutting out the risks that other pumps pose. When you are in the bath or shower just fill up your Bathmate with warm water and seal it against your body for three 5-minute sessions – it really is that easy. You can now take this routine to the next level with the addition of the incredible Hydrovibe – The Hydrovibe comes equipped with 2 IPX7 Rated fully waterproof USB rechargeable bullets which can also be used by themselves should you choose to! Max out is the world’s first jelqing enhancement serum – Jelqing is a natural therapy technique used to enhance the size of the penis naturally – Max out is specially formulated to enhance what you have already got and take you to the next level…

Now for the exclusive: The Bathmate ANAL TRAINING VIBE Set. The winner of this competition will own the first of this toy in the world. EVER.

It’s an exclusive, you Thirsty Bitches!

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THIRSTY BITCH ‘Sexpert’ | Cummin’ Feb 8th

Sex Toy Review: The Ass-Gasm by Fantasy C-Ringz at Pipedream | QX Men Magazine April 2016

I’ve always been a fan of the Pipedream products that come into Clonezone. The company’s based in Los Angeles and always manages to put a fun (and effective) spin on their affordable products. The style of the brand is unpretentious too, which I find makes it accessible to all types of customers. I was sent Pipedream’s Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass-Gasm, a beautifully smooth silicone cock and ball ring with a reach-around vibrating prostate probe. The packaging is sleek in slate with holographic detailing and it’s all very aesthetically pleasing. You wear the product as one unit, which rests against your sensitive bits really well.

This is a product I would recommend to people who are new to toys, the reason being it fits so comfortably and the size of the probe is unintimidating. Putting it on is simple and the packaging is explanatory, should you need help understanding the Ass-Gasm. I am very single at the moment so I used this toy alone. Poor me, I guess. The fitted cock ring hugged the base of my shaft and balls really well, instantly helping me get harder than usual. You really ‘feel’ the pressure in your balls and I know (as someone who’s tried cock rings) that it’s going to enhance my orgasm.

I used some water-based lube (ID Glide) on the Ass-Gasm’s probe and slowly pushed it inside. When it had popped into place internally, I switched the vibrator on by clicking the button on the internal bullet. The vibration isn’t THAT strong, but it’s instantly pleasurable and internally ticklish. I have a very sensitive ‘P-Spot’ so it made me go weak at the knees and got me harder in seconds! If you struggle to ever find your prostate, using toys like this helps. If you are investigating with your fingers, feel around for the part that makes you feel like you need to piss when you push on it.

Enjoying it as it was, I kneeled back and rested the base of the probe on my feet (like I was praying) to push the probe more, which felt great. It has dotted ribs on the bar that reach across your perineum and is lightly affected by the vibe. It isn’t that loud so can be used discreetly. I started to alternate with wanking at the same time, to satisfy both internal and external spots. It felt REALLY good, almost too good. So I had to slow down. I used it with the Blewit masturbator (featured in last month’s column) to mix it up and test how it would feel when fucking someone.

The Rock Hard Ass-Gasm would be IDEAL for tops who want to experience anal penetration but begin slowly. It’s great for guys who like prostate pleasure. Is it for guys who want to be stretched and fucked deep? No, absolutely not. The penetration is subtle, but if you’re sensitive like me and enjoy ‘tingling’ pleasure over ‘stretching’ then you should treat yourself to this toy. It’s fucking brilliant! Building up to orgasm was a lot of fun; it was so satisfying feeling the grip on the cock and balls alongside the internal vibe. I found myself reaching around to pull it ‘in-and-out’ for the pulsating pressure and feeling of being gently fingered. I simply could NOT stay soft when using it. I made a point of trying to and I couldn’t! The Ass-Gasm satisfies your cock, balls, perineum and your hole. It kind of has everything a pleasure-seeking guy wants. The orgasm was very good.

Fantasy C-Ringz | Super Flexible Silicone

I can’t elaborate enough that it felt really, really nice. It was an internal orgasm that exploded outwards, the tingling vibrations helping it last about 15 seconds longer than usual. Prostate-based orgasms are always going to make you feel a little weak afterward, which I enjoy.

I felt like I needed to take a nap. We sent the Ass-Gasm to porn star Rocco Hard who gave it rave reviews. Tweet him to ask him what he thought! Switching the vibe off is a simple click of a button. Taking the toy off can be tricky if you have lubey hands, so dry them off before trying to pull the ring back over your balls and shaft. Clean-up is easy. Spray it down with a toy cleaner and run it under the tap (avoiding the button on the vibe).

  • Battery Info: Requires 1 AAA Battery (Not Included)
  • Ring Material: Silicone
  • Bullet: ABS Plastic

Price: £24.99

You can purchase the ASS-GASM by Fantasy C-Ringz by clicking here.

Enter ‘TOPHER’ at the basket for 10% OFF your items.

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Sex Toy Review: The Endurance Training Masturbator by BLEWIT | QX Men Magazine March 2016

The Blewit Masturbator is a really interesting piece of kit. Marketed as a ‘Masturbation Training Product’, it’s been designed to perfectly simulate intercourse and, therefore, help your body associate reaching orgasm by means of penetration rather than by wanking. Which, personally, I think is a really good idea. The Blewit’s tagline is ‘BECOME BETTER’ and I like that too… Anything that encourages sexual confidence is good by me.

The design of the Blewit is what got my attention; it comes in a bright blue case that’s been made easy-to-hold with a rubberized coating on the outside. The unique ‘swirling’ case is fit to look at, too. It comes ready mounted with a tube inserted down the entry-hole; this is useful for storing it before and after use. It looks like a piece of modern art, so having a Blewit on your bedside table won’t look too conspicuously like a sex toy. The Blewit comes with two interchangeable entry rings so you can choose between a tight entry and an extra-tight entry. These are entered at the top of the sleeve, sliding easily into place. It comes with the tight one already inserted; you’d need to swap it for the ‘extra tight’ if that’s what you want. The internal material is flesh-like and comes in a ‘misty’ clear finish; it feels nice and firm to the touch (not super-soft like some masturbators). The internal sleeve has a textured lining, designed to satisfy your cock as it rubs up and down the shaft.

“BECOME BETTER” | The Stamina Training Sex Toy

I began by lubing myself and my Blewit up using ID Glide Water Based lube (available at There’s a suction control switch on the Blewit’s base that’s at a diagonal angle, making it easy to click on and off. Pushing my dick into my Blewit felt really fucking good, there’s no denying it. I used the tight option, which imitates the feeling of penetrating someone really well. The Blewit can be used by hand, or you can wedge it in somewhere to ‘fuck’ it.

I find that between the mattress and the bed frame can be good and as the Blewit is rubberised on the outside, it stays in place easier. It doesn’t make those horrible gargle noises that some men’s masturbators make either. This is due to the fact that the Blewit’s internal sleeve isn’t removable, so air isn’t traveling between the layers. The Blewit is nice and tight and it feels good grinding up and down your dick. I got close to shooting my load a lot using this toy and found myself having to slow down the pace to take advantage of its purpose as being a stamina trainer. I used my Blewit for a good 30 minutes before cumming.

This is rare for me as often I find standard masturbators bore me. But something about this toy is just appealing. I didn’t rush myself and I let it build up naturally. The inner sleeve graduates between two textures inside, so it felt really good teasing my dick with both.

With some men’s masturbators, the orgasm can be a little bit too much. If you have a thicker cock, the tighter the squeeze by some materials can be too intense and actually fuck up your orgasm. This didn’t happen for me with the Blewit. The orgasm was really, really good and was uninterrupted by the fact I was, well, fucking a toy. Clean-up is simple too. The Blewit has a drainage cap at the base that’s gridded so that air can breathe through its shaft. Simply run it under a warm tap to get all of the cum out, then spray with a sex toy cleaner, leave to settle in for a bit, then run water through again. I repeat this a few times. Then attach the Blewit’s drainage cap, push the tube down its shaft again and stand it up to dry.

Do I think that the Blewit can train your cock’s stamina? Yes, absolutely. But you need to add some patience into the mix too. I’ll also be provocative here and say that I preferred the Blewit to any of the Fleshlight products I have used.

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Sex Toy Review: The Nexus Range by… Nexus Range | QX Men Magazine February 2016

This month I want to focus on the great range of SEX-cessories from one of my favourite adult toy brands, Nexus. My favourite product from the Nexus range has to be one of their prostate massagers, the Nexus Intense. While most prostate toys focus on the general area, the Nexus Intense has a flat base (unlike others which are arched) and an exaggerated prostate curve that rubs against your prostate spot-on. Not recommended for beginners, the Nexus Intense is my favourite sex toy EVER!

Without wanting to patronise, this month I’d like to break down some effective accessories and explain why they’re beneficial in the preparation before fucking, during fucking and also after fucking. Nexus has a sleek anal douche, the Enduro cock ring, Nexus Slide lube and Nexus Toy Wash. All Nexus accessories arrive in sleek black packaging that makes the very affordable range look very expensive. I’ll begin as I would when prepping for anal – with the douche. In my opinion, a good anal douche is an absolute essential for anyone who ever bottoms.

I’m a fan of the Nexus douche because of its easy-to-handle size and the good amount of water it holds (224ml). This hand-held douche cleans you out gradually without stressing your hole out. If you’re sensitive like me, you’ll find that shower attachments can be way too intense and can make you feel ‘raw’ before fucking. I always recommend giving yourself a good 30 to 60 minutes to douche so you can be confident on the bottom. The soft rubberized bulb features an ultra-smooth plastic nozzle and a flat base so you can balance it easily between squirts. Insertion is really simple with the help of Nexus Slide lube, as the douche nozzle’s diameter is only 6mm across.

Popping the nozzle off the bulb to fill and empty with water is simple. Always use room temp-warm water when douching, insert the water, remove the douche and hold the water for as long as you can until you feel the need to naturally release. Repeat this until you’re confident with the colour of the water you are releasing. Don’t rush! If he wants it bad enough, he can fucking wait!

The Nexus Range | Douche, Wash & Slide

Nexus Slide is a long-lasting, thick water based lube that arrives in a convenient pump top black bottle. I love it as it’s 100% condom friendly. It has a really natural consistency that makes it ideal for anal, masturbation and for use with any sex toy of your choice. You always want access to a good lube that lasts and feels great during sex and this is why I am a fan of Slide. It feels great, it’s easy to squirt out (even with lubey hands) and lasts long enough to ensure you’re not interrupting your shag to reach over and grab more. The pump bottle makes applying Slide both hygienic and easy, and it’s perfect for applying lube directly onto AND into your hole! It’s a nice way to pre-lube before fucking, too – just be careful to not catch your sensitive bits with the end of the nozzle.

Also available from Nexus is the Enduro – a stretchy, thin, black cock ring. This comfortable cock ring is a pleasure to wear, stretching comfortably over your cock and balls (no matter how thick or beefy they may be) and delivers instant effects. Enduro is ideal if you’re on top or bottom. This stretchy men’s sex-cessory helps deliver more powerful erections and intensified pleasure when fucking as it holds all of the blood in your tool. As a bottom, it’s good to wear to make sure your dick is awake to be pleasured when being fucked. Do what I do and treat yourself to one as well as your man, to ensure you’re both able to go the extra mile when ‘having fun’.

Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, it’s always good to have a toy cleaning spray around to ensure that finishing up is a breeze. Nexus Wash comes in a spray bottle that mists directly wherever you point it. You can use this cleaning spray on your toys and on yourself, as it’s anti-bacterial and suitable for sensitive skin types.

You can also dilute it with 2 parts water to ensure that Nexus Wash lasts. This routine is also ideal for cleaning out the inside of the bulb douche after you’ve finished. Nexus Wash is for getting those last traces of lube off of your cock and hole, without the stickiness that can become an irritation. It’s also good for getting cum off of your skin (if you don’t want it there, of course).

Price: from £4.99 – £14.00

You can shop the Nexus Range at Clonezone by clicking here.

Use ‘TOPHER’ at the basket for 10% OFF

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Sex Toy Review: The HAND SOLO Vibrating Masturbator by Rocks Off | QX Men Magazine January 2016

The first thing that drew me to the Hand Solo, was its name. A Star Wars reference? Perhaps. Prove it. “May You Feel The Force” is the tagline on the sleek black and grey packaging. With the new film out, I thought it time to discover this men’s sex toy. I’m not a Star Wars or sci-fi fan, but it gives me an excuse to use a new toy.

Hand Solo is a palm powered pleasure sleeve made by one of my favourite sex toy companies, Rocks Off. They’re an award-winning, British based company known for their powerful ‘RO-80’ vibrating bullets and prostate toys for men. In my personal opinion, they create some of the best vibrators on the market. It’s a textured silicone sleeve with a removable vibrating bullet inserted through the side. The bullet is controlled by an easy-to-use button on top and delivers seven vibration settings: low, medium and high constant, medium and fast pulse, and medium and fast splutter. You can also use it (and enjoy it) without the vibration.

"Using the Hand Solo is like having a “really posh wank”

Personally, I always like to alternate. It features a ‘grip’ for your four fingers to slide through so you can wank comfortably holding its ergonomic, smooth shape. This gives your thumb easy access to the bullet control on top, meaning you can adjust the speed easily. When you touch the Hand Solo, the softness of the silicone sleeve is instantly noticeable. It’s very flexible, assuring you can wrap your fingers through and ‘grip’ your dick just as you would with your fist when wanking. The open edge assures that it doesn’t matter how thick or slim your dick is, you can use the Hand Solo comfortably. Inside the sleeve, there are textured inner contours or ‘raised dots’ as I would call them. Whether you’re well endowed or not, you can easily use the Hand Solo. It’s around five inches long but is used to grind up and down your dick, so the length is used where you put it.

Ok – so down to business (again). I began by putting A LOT of water-based lube on my Hand Solo. I did this because the pleasure bumps are quite pronounced and I wanted to assure a smooth ‘ride’ without too much friction. I also put a fair amount on my dick. I would recommend using thicker water-based lube such as Liquid Silk or Gun Oil LOADED (hybrid lube). Both are condom safe, so worth stocking up on for personal play and to use with toys. I turned on the vibration straight away and ‘gripped’ myself.

Rocks-Off Hand-Solo 7-Function Male Masturbator

The intensity of the vibration is instant, taking me from semi-hard to hard, hard immediately. Especially when it rests on the back of your head – Wow! The nodules are instantly noticeable, which made me glad about the amount of lube I used, if you didn’t it MAY be a little too much for extra-sensitive guys. Grinding it up and down initially was quite fascinating, as the nodules feel really strong against your shaft, they can be a little too much on your head – but just release your grip at the top if that’s the case.

Using the Hand Solo is what I would call a ‘really posh wank’ as it gives you an extra intensity that you wouldn’t get from your hand, the way the bullet vibrates through the sleeve’s material and is really fun. Using this toy, you don’t feel like you can’t get to your dick and control motion, which can be quite frustrating with some masturbators.

It’s fun to grind it up and down, especially when the vibrating sleeve presses on your balls when you grind downwards. It feels pleasantly ticklish – especially if you’ve just shaved down there. The wank with the Hand Solo is good, though I added more lube a couple times as the nodules are quite prominent and I didn’t want to numb myself through friction.

“My favourite settings are pulsation and medium splutter”

I tried different settings on the toy – my favourites being medium pulsation and medium ‘splutter’. It’s nice to use a toy you can grip your fingers and thumb around, just like you’re wanking, it makes the experience a lot more realistic. Using a toy like this makes it easier to control your pleasure and your orgasm. What I will say is that the force came strong.

The removable bullet is a great addition too. You can remove this bullet and use it against sensitive spots on your body – just don’t insert it. It’s not tapered. It feels particularly good against nipples, the frenulum and the perineum (gap between your balls and bum hole). I was SOLO when using this toy (once again – poor me!) but this could be a lot of fun to use with a partner. I’ll Whatsapp him later, innit.

Clean-up is really easy. I removed the bullet and ran the initial lube off with some warm water. Then I added some toy cleaning spray from Clonezone and ran it under the water again a few times – until it was clear. I left it out to dry – a couple hours later it was good to be put away in its drawstring bag.

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Sex Toy Review: The COLT Mighty Mouth Vibrating Masturbator | QX Men Magazine December 2015

The first thing I noticed about the Colt Mighty Mouth was how lightweight it was in its packaging. Initially, this was a concern for me, as I was worried it would be a limp and cheap plastic toy. But when I held the Mighty Mouth in my hand, its smooth ergonomic shape instantly appealed to me, and its quality was very apparent.

It comes packaged in one of COLT’s simple red cardboard boxes, with the masturbator and its accessories bagged individually inside. The Mighty Mouth itself is matte with COLT’s famous logo written in bold red and looks very masculine and sexy. I found myself running my hand up and down it a few times – and then felt ridiculous.

On its casing, there are two buttons, one to switch the Mighty Mouth on and off – and the other to explore its 30 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation… The Mighty Mouth has really spoiled you! Its detachable suction cup lets you stick the Mighty Mouth to any smooth surface and its handy hinge means it’s easily bendable so you can fuck it from different angles without any hassle:

"There are lots of options to choose from, but my favourite is pulsation."

Try the floor, wall or a table at crotch height. You have the choice of the suction cup or unscrew it for the simple rounded black end for hand-held play. This men’s masturbator features an internal sleeve with mini repeated tongues inside to tickle and satisfy your erection. My personal concern with most masturbators is that the internal girth can sometimes be too tight for me (that’s not a brag. I’ve experienced discomfort in the past with too much intensity caused by its suction and no room to move) but COLT’s Mighty Mouth has good size.

I mean, it’s tight – but that’s what I was after. If you have a thick girth, there’s no need to avoid the Mighty Mouth. The vibrator is a mini ‘egg’ within the casing that rests on the textured sleeve that you wank your length with. The ‘egg’ rests against the silicone sleeve to assure you are tingled directly on your hot spots.

So, let’s get down to business. I screwed the suction cup attachment onto the end of Mighty Mouth and pushed it down hard on the flat surface next to my bed. The suction was strong and instant, so I was confident it wouldn’t move when it got fucked. I got myself hard using Liquid Silk (I don’t use Liquid Silk usually, but it’s our best-seller – so I thought I’d stick to the Clonezone theme). I also squirted some inside of the textured sleeve. You can only use water-based with the Mighty Mouth, as silicone based lube can gradually break down the silicone used in the sleeve. I slowly pushed my dick inside of it and the satisfaction was instant – the textured silicone sleeve feels amazing on your dick, and gave me an instant ‘shudder’ that reminded me of the first time I fucked someone. Remember that “wow” moment? Many moons ago… Anyway, I started fucking the toy and it felt really good, almost too good. You can watch porn when facing it, as that would be awesome – but I didn’t. I was thinking about the sex I had at Halloween dressed as Geri Halliwell (don’t ask).


I had to slow down a few times so I didn’t cum before I had experienced all that the Mighty Mouth has to offer, function wise. So I turned the vibration on, which felt incredible. There are lots of options to choose from, but my favourite is pulsation. The internal vibrations send ripples through the mini-tongues inside that both massage and tickle your erection. It’s impossible to go limp inside this fucking thing (I made a point of trying).

The only down side to the toy is the sloppy suction sounds it makes when you fuck it. If you live in a very quiet house, I recommend putting on some music or turning on the TV… Or just tell your housemates to mind their own business! I wanted to try it without using the holder, so I put on its simple black finish. Grinding it up and down my length felt great. The sleeve is just 4.5 inches long – but this doesn’t affect pleasure or satisfaction if you are a lot longer, as it grips to your head and rubs up and down your shaft perfectly.

I actually turned off the vibration off and used it alone. The vibration is awesome, not too intense to numb you – just right. But I wanted to use it alone. I found that by holding it on my head and gently shaking it like a vibrator in half-inch motions, I was getting close because it felt really, really fucking good and tingly. I did this a few times with breaks in-between.

“Intensely Powerful Male Stroker”

I had to eventually give in and cum. The orgasm was REALLY good, making sure I totally forgot I was using a toy. Some masturbators can be ‘too much’ when you cum, but the gentle silicone inside is very apparent. The natural suction is subtle and the material perfectly ‘jelly-like’. Clean-up is really easy. I HATE cleaning up after using a masturbator, as it’s the last thing on the planet that I’m in the mood for.

You unscrew the circular cap from the end and pop the sleeve out. I used warm water and a toy cleaning spray from Clonezone. I turned the sleeve inside out; making sure all the lube (and other stuff) was cleaned through. After washing it, I let the Mighty Mouth’s sleeve dry naturally. Popping it back into place and securing it was no hassle, taking less than 30 seconds.

Mighty Mouth, in my personal opinion, is a fantastic sex toy for men. It would be fun to use on someone else but my current squeeze is in Essex (I’m south London so I couldn’t be arsed). Its versatility is apparent immediately and its design is unpretentious and sexy. The sensations delivered are intense, direct and satisfying, making it ideal for circumcised guys or men who find it hard to stay hard during play.

You can hide the Mighty Mouth easily in a drawer or a wash bag. If you’re not bothered, it looks kind of sexy on the bedside table. Plus the suction cup holder will keep it in pride of place.


  • Length: 11.5”
  • Circumference: 10.75”
  • Canal diameter: 2”
  • Internal Length: 4.5 “
  • Base type: Sucker
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries

Read online at here

Sex Toy Review: The Nexus SPARTA Prostate Massager | QX Men Magazine November 2015

I have recently been introduced to the newest toy in the award-winning Nexus’ range of Prostate Toys – Sparta. I was lucky enough to get sent one before its official release in mid-November. This brand new prostate massager boasts the ability to massage your P-Spot directly with a unique ‘come hither’ motion delivered by an independent nodule in the head of its tapered shaft.

The first thing I noticed when I held Sparta was the texture of the silicone used, which is silky smooth. It’s not at all heavy; in fact, I was surprised by its lightness and gentle frame. The toy itself is perfectly firm. Sparta features a control button on its base that you press to command its different massage settings (5 in total), these being; slow, medium, fast, medium pulsation and then fast pulsation.

Sparta is rechargeable by a magnetised disc that connects to its USB cord and can be used on your computer or USB charging block. Plus it comes in a really pretty box.

I began by adding some of Nexus’ water-based Slide lube to Sparta’s head, full length as well as me. You can only use water-based with this toy. Insertion is relatively simple (Sparta doesn’t boast a huge girth – 34mm across at its widest point) as it’s been designed to rest internally in the perfect spot, not stretch you.

Holding its ‘ring’ with your index finger and lying back, you’ll find that Sparta inserts easily. It’s curved P-Spot shape slides into place naturally and you feel it resting on the good bit… You’ll know what I mean when you feel it.

Prostate Massager with ‘Come-Hither’ Motion

At the base are three gently pronounced ribs that feel extra-sensitive in comparison to its smooth shaft. When Sparta was fully inserted, I switched it on.

The ‘come hither’ motion inside of its head is instantly noticeable and goes straight to work directly on the P-Spot.  The nodule is about a centimetre tall. It’s an initial shock to the system – but in a really good way. If you’re someone who enjoys things in your butt, it’s hard to stay soft when this begins.

You have different choices when you’re using Sparta. You can lie back and let it go to work for you, OR you can do what I did: Use the ring-hole at the base to move it in-and-out an inch or so, to take advantage of those ribs on the shaft.

The ribs spread over 1.2 inches and feel really good rubbing against the entrance to the hole. This way you’re getting the benefit of both in-and-out penetration and direct prostate massage, as your prostate spreads over a couple of inches. Sparta can be used hands-free, it doesn’t ‘push’ out like some anal toys, it ‘locks’ itself inside quite easily.

I recommend kneeling and resting backward on it, almost as if you were praying (actually praying is up-to-you, feel free to scream “Oh God” if your housemates aren’t home). Other good positions for this toy are lying on your back and ‘squatting’ on it if you’re feeling fit. Changing through its five settings is one-of-the fun things with the Sparta – Nexus knows to focus on your hotspots, so you don’t get bored of one setting.

The graduating speed options are intense and controlled by clicking the soft button on its base. My favourite setting was medium pulsation (the fourth click). Holding this same button down for a few seconds turns Sparta off. You don’t have to wank when using Sparta, but I did.

The mix of internal and external stimulation is undeniably fucking good. As with all prostate massages, your orgasm is intensified. It builds from the inside and explodes outwards. But with the added ‘come hither’ massage and ribs at the base, Sparta stands head and shoulders above other toys I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few).

You’ll have a hard time keeping quiet when you cum!


  • Total length – 129mm,
  • Diameter at base – 22mm,
  • Diameter at widest point – 34mm,
  • Full width – 100mm

Price: £69.99

Find out more about SPARTA or buy your very own by clicking here.

Remember to use ‘TOPHER’ for 10% OFF

Read online at by clicking here.